Five Questions to ask before hiring an SEO Company

Deciding on which is right SEO company in Egypt to hire is difficult, yet it is critical to your business. But what to do when there are a lot of companies offering their SEO services? And they all claim to be the best.

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Making sure that you are getting the service you want is a requirement. However, You don’t want to wait until the end to figure out from the results whether you did a good job selecting the SEO company or not.

There are things you can do to choose a good SEO company. One of which is to start the process by asking simple questions.

In this article, you will learn five questions to ask before hiring an SEO company. These questions are very important. They are going to save you:

· A lot of grief.

· A lot of time.

· A tremendous amount of money.

1) Do you have experience in our industry?

Hiring an SEO company with Experience in your Industry is important. Because you want to hire an SEO company that helped your competitors to succeed.

2) Do you have any case studies or references?

Case studies are important because they show you what they did for other companies. You want to make sure that you see:

· Case studies with the company’s name on them.

· The kind of results they achieved.

You may want to reach out to one of those companies –their clients- and ask them about their experience with the SEO agency.

3) Do you have a qualified staff to perform an SEO?

The success of your business requires hiring a company that has a qualified SEO team.

Make sure that:

· They do the job in-house.

· They don’t hire someone from outside their company to do the job for you.

· Their team is qualified.

SEO can be very technical in nature. As a result, a qualified SEO team consists of:

· Designers. They make modifications on your website to help with conversions.

· Coders. They make clean coding.

· Writers. They create good quality content that drives your SEO campaign.

· Software engineers. They do programming for your website for the SEO.

· An SEO engineers. They look at all the SEO as a whole.

· Mathematicians. They take a look at all the analytics of the website.

4) Does the company provide reports of progress?

Reports are very important. You want to see what your SEO is doing from the start -when you started with them- and how the work progresses.

Ask the company to give you:

· An initial SEO audit of your website.

· Monthly reports.

You also should have a meeting with your SEO company every three months. The meeting can be done in person or over the phone.

5) In what time frame do you expect to show results?

A good SEO company will give you a reasonable answer to this question.

Finally, having specific goals in mind makes it easier for you -as well as the agency- to know if you are the right fit together.

But when do you need to hire an SEO company?

According to Google, the earlier you hire an SEO, the better.

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