Mivida Apartments Now Is The Best Choice In Egypt

Have you ever dreamt of owning property in Cairo, Egypt? This is a chance like no other in Mivida, a twenty-minute driving distance from Cairo Airport. The new properties in Mivida are a piece of world class architecture at a fair price. Mivida has a serene natural environment and yet it lies in an urban setting. The gated community includes properties that have beautiful gardens and a large forest of pine perfectly lay throughout the whole Mivida development. This is a major project in Cairo you would definitely wish to invest in especially after the new president El-Sisi removed the last restrictions on ownership of land and properties by foreigners.

Mivida Apartments

According to global indexes, sale prices of apartments grew by slightly more than 8% from the year 2015. Since the villa prices have also been on an increase of about 23%. This data shows the kind of fast rising demand for apartments and villas in Mivida. Although it is hard to find a convenient property in Mivida, professional real estate agents on the ground can easily find an apartments for sale in Mivida. Villas in Mivida are top of the range properties that can easily be rented for a high price. Mivida villas have a stunning view of the green wades. The apartments are also located a stone throw from the great Mivida park which is 33 acres in size. It is called the Central park. The Mivida apartments are only 68 in number meaning that very few remain for sale. The villas are easily accessible through the Mivida internal ring road.

Social amenities in the new community of Mivida are of a good standard starting with the Mivida School. There is also a world class business park with everything under one roof. This is the Mivida Business Park. A shopping mall known as the Mivida Shopping Boulevard is also well located in the vast project consisting of more than 5000 homes. Mivida has an exquisite Mivida 5 star hotel. Other services like health care and retail outlets have also been well featured in the town design. There are also a number of other businesses like schools, hotels and tourist attractions in Mivida.

Investing in real estate, especially in urban towns has a very high asset value. It is also a stable source of income that you can always depend on years to come. Brick and mortar are best known in business books for reducing principal-agent conflict. Any wise man faced with the unpredictable economic future of the world can secure an investment that cannot crumble under any ordinary market inflation. The rising demand for real estate due to expanding economies protects any inflation capabilities on urban land and property.

Do not be left out of the rush to own property in one of the best countries with a rich and diverse culture. Make appropriate inquiries to secure a world class villa in the newly developed Mivida. Feel free to utilize your right of property ownership by owning a villa in Mivida. Ownership arrangements can also be made by depositing a down payment. You can also share this pioneer residential concept of Mivida, Cairo with other real estate enthusiasts in the market today.

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